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Xinchen Talent Strategy

Focusing on echelon construction and benefit sharing of human resources management

Talent is the development of the enterprise "blood", which is Xin Chen's consensus. The company always adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, the introduction of personnel, training and appointment work on the height of enterprise development strategy, the construction of a comprehensive human resources management system, and enhance the enterprise's "hematopoietic function" for the company to achieve continuous Type development provides a powerful source of power.

Xinchen Talent Strategy

Eastar Talent Strategy

1Don't race horses2Mercy, to Germany first3Fair competition, the survival of the fittest; not only qualifications, not seniority points; 4, with good people, with energy, reuse thinking, savvy people
For the talent to create good conditions for growth and the environment6Spare no effort to create a good platform for talent7Employee long, avoid its shortSo that everyone can enjoy the success of Xinchen career
Challenge yourself, transcend self

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