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Xinchen's engineering equipment procurement project has successfully set a new record for municipal projects
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Xinchen"s engineering equipment procurement project has successfully set a new record for municipal projects

Recently, xin company better news, xin Chen electrical equipment and electrical engineering company in the performance of the first administration of dongying city guangli river and excessive low drainage projects - guangli river regional water environmental engineering equipment procurement projects, the total project amount of millions of yuan, successful refreshed the lei Chen company municipal project sales record.

The whole staff of xinchen company"s project team is one of the most effective, effective and efficient execution, which has won high recognition from customers. Relying on abundant construction experience, strong technical strength and perfect service guarantee system, after party a rigorous screening, stand out in many very powerful tendering units, with a final comprehensive scores of the top man outplayed other advantages, successfully won the bid. The bid is of great significance, not only will the relationship is promoted to a higher level, more opens the xin again to expand in the field of service, further confirmed xin Chen "the strength of the quality of the products and engineering services company.

Here, we extend our warm congratulations to xinchen power equipment company and electrical engineering company. At the same time, looking at the marketing system, all the officers and soldiers continue to keep up the enterprising spirit, sincere cooperation, all-out, focusing on the project, to create a brilliant future.

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