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Xinchen company organizes management, technical backbone personnel to hold management meeting
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In order to further clarify the requirements of management and better carry out the next step, xinchen company organizes the management staff and technical backbone personnel to hold the management work meeting.

Group chairman and general manager ying-lei ren widely listened to everyone"s opinions, and made important speech at the meeting, general comprehensive analysis of the current economic situation and the present situation of the company, in view of the company reality do the following requirements, the department 1, for each unit, unified thought, seek truth from facts of carrying out all work, earnestly implement the management; 2. Carefully and profoundly summarize our previous experience and lessons, and continue to carry forward the good work style and improve the existing deficiencies; 3. The whole company implements the performance management mode, which stimulates the work enthusiasm of the staff, improves the work efficiency, refined the work, and vigorously promotes the spirit of the "craftsman"; 4. Firmly oppose to the establishment of small groups, earnestly do all departments to work together, cooperate in all work, enhance staff cohesion, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company; 5. Due to the company"s development needs, in order to carry out the work efficiently, the company has led the research and decision of the leading group, and has appointed and consolidated some personnel and departments.

The meeting purpose, significant, effectively deepen the communication between the various companies, departments, as well as further unified thought, found that the current problems existing in the company, has been clear about the company the next step of work key, set a higher standard to the following job, more detailed requirements, will actively promote group career development across new development climax.

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