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June 2017 China new energy vehicle charging pile profile
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June 2017 China new energy vehicle charging pile profile

Charging according to the Chinese league (EVCIPA) statistics, as of June 2017, alliance members units report a total of 171609 public charging pile (including exchange 62337 charging piles, dc 43212 charging piles, ac/dc charging pile, 66060), the charging port 173678.

From July 2016 to June 2017, about 7486 new public charging facilities were added in each month, and 4,663 new public charging piles were added in June 2017, a year-on-year increase of 110.0%.

Figure 1: the cumulative number of public charging facilities in China from 1616 to June 2017

Provincial administrative areas have public class charging pile number ten, respectively: Beijing 25150 of the 24185, 24185 in guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, 18496, 14982 in shandong, hebei, 8620, 8367, tianjin 8224 anhui, zhejiang, 7059, 5181 in hubei province. Risk of data on the combination of new energy vehicles, in the first five months of 2017, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong in 18823, 8334 and 6119, the top three major economic zones of new energy car sales and public charging pile is proportional to the number.

As of June 2017, total vehicle enterprises in the league reported 133,304 private charging piles, including 133291 ac charging piles and 13 dc charging piles.

Figure 2: distribution of public charging facilities in China in June, 2002

Figure 3: the distribution of China"s public charging facilities (dc) in June 17, 17

As of June 2017, through the alliance members automobile enterprise (byd, baic, saic, jianghuai, changan, dongfeng motor, dongfeng nissan, guangzhou auto, chery, faw) sampling car pile along the information data of 155069, failed to PeiJian charging pile accounted for 14.04%, among them because of the "users to build the pile group", which cannot PeiJian charging pile accounted for 3.12%, due to "work has no fixed parking space" failed to PeiJian charging pile accounted for 1.99%, due to "live without fixed parking" failed to PeiJian charging pile accounted for 3.35%, due to "residential property not cooperate with" failed to PeiJian charging pile accounted for 1.15%, due to "difficult place to live a lot," failed to PeiJian charging pile accounted for 0.43%.

Figure 4: installation of charging pile for vehicle enterprise

In the short term, it is difficult to solve the problems of profitability and service mode

Although China"s charging facilities are developing rapidly, the number of charging piles is still relatively low, and there are many problems in the operation of charging pile.

The main pain points in the operation and development of China"s charging equipment are the site/power supply, the difficulty of making profit, the low level of connectivity, etc.

The market for charging facilities is still under exploration and the business model is immature. All kinds of state-owned enterprises and citizens have reached out to innovative enterprises to participate in them, trying to explore the mature business model and seize the market of charging facilities.

Charging infrastructure in China in the future market in the 4 s maintenance services, parking management, insurance services, advertising, car charging pile big data and new energy car rental time-sharing, new energy vehicles, new energy automobile sales commissions as well as wholesale and retail electricity derivative services value-added vast space. But at present, in both public and private fields, the value-added space such as advertising and big data is limited by the scale of charging piles and fails to start;

New energy vehicle charging facilities investment cost is high, operation risk is large, through cross-boundary cooperation, through the upstream and downstream industry chain, the integration of industry resources, can enhance enterprise profitability and anti-risk ability. Private enterprises can leverage the market of charging facilities through various levers to enhance their competitive advantage.

If the industry does not share platforms and rechargeable parking resources, it will be a waste of social resources. It is the future of the charging pile industry to achieve win-win cooperation with each other. On the other hand new energy vehicle infrastructure operation is also more and more highlights the characteristics of Internet companies, the first is no size, no profit, only reach a certain size have a revenue model; Secondly, user experience is Paramount, and the charging information, appointment, payment, etc.

At present, all provinces and cities are adding new charging piles, and the combination of charging piles and the Internet should be realized, which will be the key to the development of charging piles. This is not only to integrate various charging pile on market, real-time query, booking payment via the Internet, and to achieve a deeper interconnectivity, through the integration of charging pile resources, reasonable allocate, connection factories, charging equipment manufacturers and new energy automobile users, form a complete ecological structure.

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