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Safe operation of charging pile planning? This time we plan the future for you!
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July 20 ~ 21, 2017, by the north star network joint its electric car service co., LTD., the host of the 2017 second session of the electric car and charging infrastructure operating peak BBS begins grandly in Beijing. As 2017 electric vehicles and charging infrastructure field the most authoritative event, the second peak BBS attracted government departments, the electric car automakers, charging infrastructure operators and equipment manufacturers, and many other people participation, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure development present situation and future planning, reduce operating difficulty charging infrastructure construction, new technology and battery service mode, such as hot topic has carried on the deep discussion.

During the 13th five-year plan period, the national charging facilities invested in more than 100 billion yuan

Emerging industries tend to present very strong nonlinear rapid growth characteristics in the early stage of development, which is often the key to the shaping of industry pattern. Its energy institute He Bo "electric vehicles and charging infrastructure development present situation and outlook" to share with everyone, speech He Bo for an electric car, charging infrastructure, business models and market pattern are summarized, He Bo think, in general, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during the charging infrastructure investment in more than $1000, 2021-2030 will grow to more than $6000.

As the main force in the construction of charging infrastructure, the state grid invested 6.33 billion yuan in the construction of charging facilities last year, accounting for 61 percent of all operators" investment in 2016. "Next, we should further increase the charging infrastructure investment, the construction of a national" 513 network ", achieve the goal of "convenient charging like refueling. To the national grid investment will reach 25 billion in 2020, charging pile built in 120000, highway 36000 kilometers." 513 network will reach suburbs was less than 5 km, ring is not more than 3 kilometers, the city no more than 1 km." The operation director of guowang electric vehicle service co., LTD.

What is the value of the power system after the massive development of electric vehicles? To this, the national development and reform commission energy research institute, Dr Liu said its core value is to enhance the flexibility of the power system, electric cars, on the one hand, can be used as a kind of flexible load, the other hand, is also distributed storage resources, so in the future, the electric car is a lot of potential to improve the flexibility of the whole power system.

Charging safety is the key

Safety is always a topic for all walks of life, so it is also one of the key points for the development of the charging industry in 2017. Electric vehicles need to be vigilant and pay close attention to charging safety, and the charging gun is outstanding in the whole electric car industry. Conference, jiangsu prosper new energy intelligence control technology co., LTD. Product research and development engineers corning theme to share "the research of the reliability of the electric conduction charging interface", as we have learned, at present, the main problem with charging gun in insertion force big, wear overheating and poor contact, charging gun insertion force reflected on the terminal. In response to this situation, hentong developed a charging gun that meets the new national standard, which is from 750V to 100VDC, and the current from 80A to 250A. Corning said: "the prototype gun effectively solves the problem of wear on the surface of the terminal and protective. Terminal insertion force on the basis of lower 59%, 39% lower overall charge gun, about 65 n, 140 n is much lower than the standard provisions of the state, is relatively simple to operate.

The electric car industry in the process of rapid development, there is a lot of problems, especially some new energy automobile safety accidents occur frequently, into Wang Linxian electronics co., LTD. New energy transportation division general manager for electric vehicle charging, including charging infrastructure security problems summarized analysis, Wang Linxian think charging system including electrical safety, design, safety, operation security, information security, these four aspects from point to line to just below covers the entire system, integrated into electronic as a technology company, in the aspects such as distribution, relay protection, electric energy metering accumulated for many years, has a profound technology accumulation, can provide the industry with the most appropriate solution.

Technological innovation and business model are the driving force of the charging industry

Facing the user the escalating demand for services, charging technology need to ascend, as a kind of convenient, efficient, wireless charging technology of security, intelligence, department of electrical engineering and application of electronic technology, tsinghua university professor Zhao Zhengming in "electric vehicle wireless charging technology progress", electric vehicle charging current is the main application of wireless power transmission, wireless charging technology is a comprehensive technology, also in development, but farther, can radio transmission is not only a technical problem in the future, it will bring great changes to the entire human race.

Electric cars and charging infrastructure, as emerging industries, will face many difficulties. Charging, the stars, general manager of north China regional chang-qing wang thinks the current charging pile operators face three problems: a technology turn up hard, two sites with limited resources, three talented person and lack of confidence, but he believes that the new energy vehicles as a new industry, walk every step is exploring a new business model, we need more confidence and tolerance heart, need you and I Shared confidence, only in this way can go better and go further.

Want to go better, went further, electric cars, promotion application mode, must consider carriers charging pile number located on the first call a Qingdao, the new energy co., LTD., vice President, xiao-wei Yang thinks that in the next 3-5 years time, the battery would reduce the cost, if technology progress again, life is long enough, standardization degree is high enough, the electric car moving energy platform will gradually become possible, V2G, V2V, V2X will be the inevitable trend.

In the development of industry, the operator in order to seize market, charging operation platform is basically centered on business orientation, adopting an piled up in the form of a list of results as accumulating and heap of the business, the brand maintenance is more and more difficult. In the face of this situation, guangzhou jizhi science and technology co., LTD. Product manager fang xiaojun put forward the "TOC" strategy. What is meant by "TOC"? That is, the overall operating cost, for example, the operator starts with the purchase of some kind of operation platform, until it ceases to use, and all of the inputs associated with the platform. Mr Fang wants companies to use the TOC strategy when purchasing IT, to consider the cost of IT acquisition and maintenance costs to improve returns.

As an important strategic emerging industry in China, new energy automobile has been developing rapidly in 2017, and its supporting facilities production and service market have been pushed forward unprecedentedly. In the future, with the improvement of relevant policies, the upgrading of charging technology and the maturity of the business model, electric cars and charging infrastructure will surely usher in a profitable and explosive day.

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